iPhone App for Trainers


The same App is used by Trainers and Jockeys.  However, the role of the user (Jockey or Trainer) dictates how the App is used. The App allows a Trainer to enter the details of all the individual horses in a stable.  Jockeys and track riders who have connected with a trainer are able to access the Trainer's list of horses, and they can then select a horse for a training gallop.  Once the Jockey has selected a horse and started a session, the real time data of that session - speed, heart rate, and sectional times - is streamed live to the trainers iPhone.  A trainer can have multiple live sessions running at once and can easily switch between them.  

When a live session is running, the exact position of the horse is shown on a satellite image of the track, allowing rapid location of the horse.  Once the trainer is focused on the horse, there is no need to interrupt their observation of the training gallop because the App will "speak" the sectional times as the horse passes each timing marker.

Once the training session is ended, then a summary of the session is produced showing all the sectional times, maximum speed, maximum heart rate and other basic information.  The full data is uploaded to the secure ClockIt server for later analysis by the trainer.  Once the jockey starts a new session, then all data from the previous session is deleted from their phone.  In this way the trainer has complete control of their data and its security.

A trainer can select training tracks which have already been uploaded to the system and approved by ClockItEQ for public use.  The iPhone will locate all the publicly available tracks within 5km of the user's location.  In addition, a user can setup their own tracks.  These may be tracks at a private location, or they may be public training tracks which they use, but where they prefer to time from their own unique timing points rather than the racetrack furlong markers.  Private tracks take a few minutes to upload, as quick as one can walk or drive around the track, all the details can be entered.  Users can elect to publish privately uploaded tracks for use by other ClockIt users.  Trainers are charged a small fee for each exercise session they run, on a pay-as-you-go basis, or they can purchase a SUBSCRIPTION which is renewed every 4 weeks. Subscriptions are available at two levels - STANDARD (50 sessions max per 4 weeks) and PROFESSIONAL (unlimited sessions).   

Sessions and subscriptions can be purchased by USERS after they have logged in to our secure server.  It is intended that USERS will also be able to purchase these items from the App Store, however, Apple have not yet approved this option.   Any session run when a trainer is subscribed or currently has session tokens purchased will allow live data streaming from a subscribed jockey during the exercise session, and the uploading and storage of all session data for subsequent review and analysis via the website.