How to Set Up a Track using the ClockIt Android App



2.ADD NEW TRACK (top right of screen).

3.Stand on the Finish Line of the track, on the outside rail – press CONTINUE. 

4.Press START.  Stand still for 2-3 seconds

5.Walk to the inside rail, still standing on the Finish Line.

6.Stand still for 2-3 seconds.  Press TIMEPOINT. 

7.You can rename the Finish Line if you prefer, but the App will always use this line to mark the end point of each lap.

8.Now walk along the inside rail of the track to the first Timepoint.  You must walk the track in the reverse direction to that travelled by the horse when working.

9.When you arrive at the next Timepoint, stand still for 2-3 seconds , and then press TIMEPOINT.  You will then be asked to “Enter Timepoint Length”, ie. The distance the Timepoint is from the Finish Line, or its name.  The value you use is only a name for the Timepoint and is not used by the App in any calculation.

10.Repeat Step 9 for all the Timepoints which you wish to create for this track.  Ensure that you walk between the Timepoints following the path travelled by a working horse, but in the reverse direction.

11.When you have entered and named all the required Timepoints, press STOP.

12.”Are you sure you want to stop tracking” press YES.

13.Press SAVE.

14.Name your track.

15.Specify whether track is for Standardbreds (ie. continuously lapping) or Thoroughbred (ie. one or multiple individual laps).

16.Press SAVE.

17.The App will revert to a list of private tracks.  If your new lap is not shown in this list, then exit to the HOME SCREEN.  Press TRACKS, and your new track will now be listed in PRIVATE TRACKS.

18.You will now be able to use your newly created track to run a NEW SESSION.

Simply go NEW SESSION; Choose a horse, then choose a track, then press NEXT STEP; confirm start new session.  Now lock the phone, place in track riders pocket, and send horse and rider out to work.  At end of session, rider dismounts and presses END SESSION.  Confirm END SESSION, and all data will then be uploaded to the server for full review and analysis.