Track set up has changed with the release of version 2 of the App.  It is now much simpler.

1.TRACKS>OPTIONS ICON top right of screen>NEW TRACK

2.Stand on the FINISH LINE at the outside rail, tap CONTINUE

3.Walk to the inside rail, still standing on the FINISH LINE, tap CONTINUE.

Steps 2. and 3. allow us to define the width of the track.

4.Tap CONTINUE. The name of the final timing line will be presented, by default this is set to FINISH LINE, but the user can select any name or tag they wish. Tap DONE.

5.Instruction panel now displays detailing that user should walk around the track from the Finish Line in the reverse direction travelled by a horse.  The path followed by the user should be that typically taken by an exercising horse, ie.2-3m from the inside rail.  This typical path is used to improve the accuracy of the App.

6.Tap OK and start to walk the reverse path.  When you reach the next timing point on the track stop, stand still and tap button at bottom of the screen NEW TIMING POINT.

7.You will be asked to enter the distance from the Finish Line - this data is required to generate the NAME of the timing point and is not used to generate any data, hence it can be entered as metres(m), 1/8 miles(M), or furlongs (F).  The specific value is not important, it is only used to identify which Timing Point is being passed by the horse, it is not used for calculations of any kind.

8.Repeat this step at each timing point around the track, walking the reverse path between each Timing Point in turn.  Once you have reached the final Timing Point, and it has been named, then tap SAVE top right of screen.  Enter NAME of track and whether it is intended for Thoroughbred or Standardbred training.

9.The track will then be saved and will immediately be available to the track creator and all their CONNECTIONS.

Any user can establish their own tracks. These may be on private training properties, or they may reflect personalised timing points at a public training facility.  Tracks set up by an individual user as private tracks may only be viewed by that user and any connected Jockeys.  They will not be available to other users.  

"Timing Points" - a Timing Point is the position on the track of the start or end of a timed section, eg. 200m markers in Australia, furlong markers in UK, 1/8mile in USA.  However, any timing point may be used.  Timing Points are permanent for any track.  The exact distance involved is not important, but the constancy of the distance which is to be measured.  Timing points are given a name, but this is simply a name, the value is not used in any calculation, ie. in Australia we use "Finish, 200m, 400m, 600m etc." but could also use "Finish, 1m, 2m, 3m etc" for the same points.