ClockIt App will work without any hardware other than a smart-phone.  However, to access the systems full functionality you will require a heart rate meter.  We now recommend the Polar Heart Rate Electrodes and H6 or H7 blue-tooth transponder units.  The Equine Electrode Base Set is preferred over the Equine Electrode Belt.

Polar Equine Heart Rate Sensors can be purchased at this address:

ClockIt uses GPS to determine the location and speed of the horse.  There is some inherent variability in all GPS applications.  We have developed mathematical algorithms to minimise the effects of GPS variation and maximise accuracy.  Accuracy can be further enhanced by use of a GPS booster, we recommend the Garmin GLO device which our testing indicates will enhance the accuracy and consistency of ClockIt to well above that of a manually operated stopwatch.

The Garmin GLO device is about the size of a box of matches, is battery operated, and connects with the phone by Bluetooth.  If the GLO is carried by the jockey when running a ClockIt session then the App will automatically employ the enhanced GPS data generated by the GLO.  There is no further interaction required by the operator.

GLO can be purchased at this address: