To use ClockIt, you need an iPhone.  Download the App from the App Store and you can set up tracks, access public tracks and run exercise sessions. That is all you need to access speed and sectional time data for a galloping racehorse.  Not all data is available from the free App.  To access any blanked data then the user must be subscribed.

If you want heart rate data then you need to add a Wahoo heart rate meter compatible with your iPhone. These can be purchased from many sports and cycling shops, or direct from our Hardware Store

Heart rate strap fitted around the girth   

Heart rate strap fitted around the girth


Users with an Android device running Jellybean 4.1 or above can currently access a free trial copy of the App by sending us a download request.

If you are a jockey and you want to connect with a trainer, then you need to purchase a CONNECTION PASS from the App store, this lasts for 3 months.  If you are a trainer and you want to run sessions on your horses and store the data, then you need to purchase a SESSION PASS.  One Session Pass is used for each session run.  If a session is run when no session passes remain on an account then only limited data will be available when the session is ended.  However, a session can be purchased after it has been run, this will unlock the full data for review and analysis. Session Passes do not have an expiry date.  Both these items can be purchased as IN APP PURCHASES from within the App.

If the jockey and trainer are subscribed then the system will stream data from jockey to trainer during the exercise session.  If only the trainer is subscribed, then the system will still work if the trainer's iPhone is carried by the jockey.  In this event, a data summary will be generated at the end of the session and all data will be uploaded to the server for subsequent review.

Currently ClockIt will only work on an iPhone - Android version to be released during June, 2014.   Test versions of the Android App are available NOW.  Contact us for direct download.