Frequently Asked Questions


Some standard ClockIt terms, just so that we can understand each other:

"Session" - an exercise session undertaken by the horse and logged by the App.  The session must be manually "started" and "ended" by the jockey via the touch screen.

"Track" - a track is any specific exercise area which has been uploaded to ClockIt.  Each track consists of a series of "timing points".  

"Timing points" are manually set by the user in the "Create a track" section of the "Tracks" tab on the App.  A "timing line" is created 10m either side of the timing point.  Therefore the timing line is 20m wide.  A horse must cross the timing line to start or end a "sectional time".  Each timing line is given a name which reflects the approximate distance from the "finish line".  This name is a distance in metres, but it is only a name tag, and is not used in any calculation.  Therefore this name does not need to be highly accurate.  FYI a furlong is 201.16 metres, so we call a mark furlong markers as 200m, 400m, 600m for 1f, 2f, 3f.

"Sectional time" - the time taken to travel between two timing lines, or a timing line and the "finish line".

"Finish Line" - this is a timing point which is nominated as the end of the "lap".  A horse must cross the finish line at least once for the system to recognise the session as being legitimate.  If the finish line is not crossed then no session statistics will be calculated, and the App will not upload the data to the web server.

"Laps" - on a circular track the finish line will be crossed once every time the horse is ridden a full circuit of the track.  ClockIt will register a new lap each time the finish line is crossed, and will calculate detailed lap statistics for each circuit.  The expanded detailed map array will also be produced for each lap.  If the horse is ridden on a linear track, eg. a classic uphill gallops, then the finish line should be set at the top of the gallops and each time the horse completes a run up the gallops then a new set of lap statistics will be created.  There is no limit to the number of laps which can be completed within a session.  

"Trainer" - within ClockIt a trainer is someone who has horses registered to their account.  In this way all data generated from those horses will remain securely linked to that trainer and will not be available to other users.  Trainers are able to "connect" with "jockeys", allowing connected jockeys to see their list of registered horses and private tracks.  Jockeys  can ride sessions on those horses which will result in data being streamed live to the trainer's phone during the session, and subsequently the data will be uploaded to the trainers account for storage and later analysis.  A trainer has to buy "Session Packs" from the App store in order to run a "subscribed session", and in order to be able to connect to jockeys.

"Jockey" - within ClockIt is any rider.  A jockey can connect with a trainer who they ride for through the Connections tab on the home screen of the App.  This will allow them to access the list of horses and private tracks registered to that trainer.  They can ride sessions on those horses and stream the data live to the trainer, as well as upload the session data directly to the trainers account at the end of the session.  A jockey can only establish connections if the are connected within ClockIt as a Jockey having purchased a Jockey Connection, or they have purchased Sessions through the App Store and are currently in credit as a Trainer in their own right.  A jockey should only ever register horses on their account, if they train these horses themselves.  

"Connections" - connections are established between trainers and jockeys.  This allows a two way flow of information; jockeys can receive lists of horses and private tracks associated with a trainer, and trainers access the session data live during the session and it is also uploaded automatically to the trainers secure account on the web server.  Users can "find a connection" from the connections screen on the App and once they have logged in on the web site.  

"Find a Connection" - users can search for a Jockey or Trainer registered with ClockIt.  Typing in the first few letters of the name into the search window will generate a list of all matches.  Possible matches will be listed in alphabetical order, however, registered users in the same state or country as the user seeking a connection will be presented first.  Having selected the Trainer or Jockey a user would like to link with, the user Offers or Requests a connection.  User will receive a notification of any Connection Request, and a list of all Connection Requests will appear in the Connections window on the phone and on the users web-site log-in page.  Users may accept or refuse Connection Requests.  Accepting a Connection will establish a permanent link between Jockey and Trainer.  This will allow the Jockey to see horses and private tracks registered by the Trainer, and will allow the streaming of data during a session from Jockey Phone to Trainer Phone.  Data will also be transferred tot he Trainers's website.  Data never remains with the Jockey, and a Jockey cannot access the Session History of a horse registered to a Connected Trainer.


"Session Packs" - a Pack of Sessions can be pre-purchased from the Store within the App.  Purchased are charged to the credit card registered to the Phone User's Apple ID Account, in a similar manner to any Apple App Store Purchase.  Session Packs come in several sizes, the more Sessions purchased, the cheaper the price per Session.  The system will deduct one credit for each Session run and will warn the user when Session credits are about to run out.  

"Jockey Connect" - this is no longer a feature of the system.  It was previously required to maintain connection between Jockey and Trainer, but has been discontinued since the end of June, 2014.

"Subscribed Sessions" - a session can be run if the Trainer does not have any Session Credits, however, some of the session summary data is hidden on the phone, and no data for the session will be visible on the web-site.  However, if a Trainer subsequently purchases a Session Pack, then Sessions run out of subscription may be purchased in retrospect by use of one Session Credit, and the complete data will then be available for review.


How do I find a track ?

There are two types of track "public tracks" which have been uploaded or approved by ClockItEQ and 'Private tracks" which have been uploaded by the individual user.  Public tracks are available to any user, and all public tracks within 5km of a user's location will be displayed on the App.  Private tracks are only available to the trainer (or jockey) who has uploaded them, and also to their connections.  If you are a track rider working for a trainer and you have connected to that trainer through the App, then you will be able to select from that trainer's private tracks when you are starting a session for a horse registered to that trainer.

I cannot find any tracks on my phone App ?

You are not within 5km of a public track.  You are probably a new user and keen to try out your new purchase.  To find tracks you have to be within 5km of an uploaded track, or you have to upload your own private tracks - see FAQ below, how to do this.  If you log in on this website you will be able to se a list and satellite image of all publicly available tracks.  Private tracks are only ever viewable by the creator of the track and their connections.

I am a new user. I have registered, but have been unable to log in to ClockIt.

Once you have completed the registration process on your iPhone, then ClockIt will send an email confirming your registration.  Within that email is a link which you MUST click on, in order to activate your registration.  If you do not click on that email link, then your registration will not be activated.