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DIARY - presents a list of all exercise sessions by date.  User can select to view diary by day/week/month and each entry is colour coded to reflect the WORK TYPE.  User can view all horses exercised during the specified date range, or select to view a single horse from the drop down menu.

Hovering over a diary entry results in a pop-out of session summary data including sectional times.

MESSAGEBOARD - a user can create TEAMS of other users as communication groups.  Messages are created and received using the mobile app, and are also displayed here on the website.  User can search messages by horse name.

WORK PLANNER - a user can create a diary entry of work sessions planned for a future date.  User selects date/time, horse name and WORK TYPE.  Default wok types are included but users can create and customise their own Work Types from the drop-down tab PROFILE>WORK TYPES.