The App is free to download and use.  If "non-financial" sessions are run, then split times and speed will be displayed during the session.  However, when the session is ended all data fields will be shielded in the SESSION SUMMARY.  To view the data from these sessions, users must purchase SESSION TOKENS or subscribe.

TOKENS and SUBSCRIPTIONS can be purchased from within the App or direct after logging in to the ClockIt website.   There are four session products available:

Session Token Trial Pack (5)            $25

Trial Pack allows new users to evaluate the system and access all basic functions – run sessions, analyse data, create and export reports.  No access to forums and user groups.


Session Token Pack (30)                        $99

These tokens do not expire.  Full access to all basic system functions – run sessions, analyse data, create and export reports.  Intended for the occasional user.  No access to forums and user groups.


Subscription Standard                         $99 / 4 weeks

Users can run 50 sessions every 4 weeks.  Subscribed sessions will generate full data and can be accessed for analysis and reporting for a minimum of 12 months, even if user ends subscription.  User can create stables, create accounts for owners and permit owners to directly access data generated from their horses.  Users can create and export reports.  Full access to user groups which are moderated by experienced equine exercise scientists.


Professional Subscription                        $199/ 4 weeks

Users can access all the features of the standard subscription.  Unlimited number of sessions during the subscription period.  Designed for the professional racing stable wishing to record every fast work session run by every horse in the stable.  This package provides a significant tool for the management of larger stables.  Scientific analysis of horse performance is guaranteed, but the package also provides a premium business tool improving communication with clients at every level.


Subscriptions are on a rolling 4 week basis.  There is no minimum subscription period, and a user may cancel subscriptions at any time.  In the event that a user cancels a subscription, the account will remain active to the end of the current 4 week period.  No refund will be available, and no cancellation fee will be charged.  Subscriptions commenced through the website log in are paid via PayPal.  These subscriptions will be automatically renewed every 4 weeks unless cancelled by the user.  

Cancellation must be made via the user's PayPal account. PayPal LogIn >MY ACCOUNT>OVERVIEW>ClockItEQ DETAILS>MY PRE-APPROVED PAYMENTS>CLOCKITEQ PTYLTD>CANCEL

Subscriptions paid via Apple Store or Google Play Store must be renewed manually each month by the user via their Apple or Google ID.