iPhone App for Jockeys

The same App is used for Trainers and Jockeys. However, it is the nature of the relationship between two individual users which determines whether a user is acting as a Jockey or a Trainer.  A single user can act as both a Jockey (riding sessions on horses linked to another Trainer's account) and as a Trainer (having other users ride sessions on their horses).  The role of the user (Jockey or Trainer) dictates how the App is used. The App is the primary data logging device.  The App will work without a heart rate meter, but to gain the full benefit of the system a compatible heart rate meter should be used.  The basic Jockey App is free to download from the App Store.  If the Jockey is not connected then a session can be run for an un-named horse, and the live session data will appear on the jockey's iPhone.  This data will not be streamed to another user's iPhone, however, during the run the App will "speak" the sectional times so that the jockey can adjust exercise speeds during a session.  To use this feature, an ear-piece will probably be required, however, the individual user should make an assessment whether it is safe or appropriate to use this feature within the particular training environment in which they work.  Sectional times will be "spoken" immediately after each timing point has been passed.

At the end of the session the Jockey App will display the sectional times and session summary data.  If the user is not subscribed or has not session tokens available of their account, then all data fields will be masked.

Sessions may be purchased, permitting access to the full session data, after they have been completed if session tokens are subsequently purchased.  

If the session is not purchased then all the data fields are shielded in the SESSION SUMMARY.

A Jockey Connection Pass has previously been required to activate a connection between Jockey and Trainer.  However, since the end of June 2014, this is no longer required.  A Jockey and Trainer simply establish a CONNECTION by OFFERING or REQUESTING a connection from the other user.  Having established a trainer connection, then all data is uploaded for a specific horse and the data is streamed live to the connected trainer's iPhone.